BACON PIMENTO CHEESE PATTY MELTS – These aren’t your run-of-the-mill patty melts. Half-pound patties cooked on a griddle are topped with Alexis’ pimento cheese, Applewood smoked bacon, and Texas toast in these delectable sandwiches.



— 8 slices Texas toast

— 1/4 cup Duke’s mayonnaise

— 32 ounces (ca. 1,210 g) fresh ground chuck

— 2 teaspoons finely ground NMT Beef Rub v.2 recipe or another beef rub

— 1 cup pimento cheese

— 12 slices Smithfield Applewood Smoked Bacon, cooked


There isn’t much to do. I divided the ground chuck into four 8-ounce balls and used a burger press to shape them into patties. At this point, there is no seasoning, just plain beef. Then I put them in the fridge to keep them cool until I’m ready to grill them.

You’ll need a griddle for this, so a skillet, griddle plate, or flat-top griddle would suffice. Today, I decided to utilize the PK Grill with the Grill Grates flipped over so that the flat backside could be used as a griddle.

Kingsford “blue bag” briquettes were used to light a half-chimney. When they were done, I tossed them into the charcoal basket and waited for the griddle to heat up. I checked the temperature with a non-contact thermometer to make sure it was above 500 °F. However, if you hold your hand 2 inches above the griddle, it should be so hot that you can’t keep it there for more than 2-3 seconds.

This was also quite straightforward. I started by lightly brushing mayonnaise on both sides of the Texas toast and toasting both sides. My grill was so hot that each side just took a few seconds.

I placed the patties on the grill and cooked them for 4 minutes. When the liquids in the tops of the burger patties begin to bubble, it’s time to flip them.

After flipping the burgers, I quickly season them. The delicate seasoning soaks into the burger thanks to the heated, rendered fat. You can use any beef rub, but I used my NMT Beef Rub v.2 (kosher salt, black pepper, garlic, dried shallot, dried red bell pepper, ancho, cayenne, and oregano). Just make sure everything you use is finely ground.

Then I topped each burger with about 1/4 cup pimento cheese, equal to an ice cream scoop.

Allow them to cook until the cheese is melted, and the burger is done to your liking. I gave mine another four minutes. After that, I placed them on a resting rack.

Simply put it all together and relax.


Make every effort to keep the fat in the burger grind. As a lightweight, nimble heat-resistant glove, BBQ HOUNDS like me will frequently utilize cotton gloves under nitrile food gloves. This also prevents the heat from your hands from melting the fat in the burgers as you form or touch them.

While I’m getting everything ready, I like to leave the pimento cheese out at room temperature, so it’ll be closer to melting temperature when it reaches the burger.

Thanks heaps for reading, and don’t forget to share this recipe with family and friends.

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