Charlotte Of Almonds

Today we bring you a different recipe, a charlotte of almonds with red fruits, the truth is that you have to dare with different recipes and this one, although it seems difficult to do at first, is quite easy and is very, very good.

Everyone is very surprised to taste it, it has a special texture, similar to a frozen cake. With the summer that begins, a fresh dessert like this charlotte de almonds is appreciated and craved.

In addition, as it is a recipe that does not require an oven, it is much easier to prepare. It is the ideal recipe to make a great dessert this weekend.

I will comment on the origins of charlotte, it comes from the French name Charlotte being a cake of French origin. Its elaboration is characterized by the elaboration of lining the entire high-walled mold with flotilla or Genovese biscuits. To mold the outside of the cake and make a classic-looking cake, the inside cream for the filling is usually Bavarian cream or pastry cream, the cake is served cold, giving it an almost ice-cream presence, which is why it reminds us so much of a cake frost.

I am going to explain our recipe for Charlotta of almonds and red fruits, you are going to love this very good one.


This recipe that we make today will have a base sponge cake, one of which we buy already made is faster and as it is already cut into thin layers it is ideal to cover the walls of our mold, we will use a rectangular cake mold of about 25 cm approximately.

To make the syrup I have used red fruits which are the ones I like the most, but we can make strawberry syrup, whatever you like the most.


Ingredients for about 6 people

For Charlotte:

  • 130 gr of ground almonds
  • 200 grams of sugar
  • 100 g of butter at room temperature
  • 500 ml of whipping cream
  • 3 sheets of sponge cake (they sell it in the supermarket already rolled)
  • 1 glass of orange liqueur (we can substitute any other liqueur for what we have at home)
  • A teaspoon of Vanilla Essence

For the red fruit syrup:

  • A jar of red fruits in syrup
  • Sugar
  • Water


1 . In a bowl we will mix the ground almonds, with the butter, the liquor, and the cream, we will beat well until we achieve a homogeneous mixture with all the mixed ingredients. I do not add sugar to this mixture, if you are one of those who like sweet things you can add three tablespoons of sugar.

2 . We will make a syrup to soak the cake, in a saucepan we will add half a glass of water with four tablespoons of sugar and a teaspoon of vanilla essence, we will reduce the mixture until we see the consistency of syrup for about 5 boiling minutes. We will let temper.

3. We will prepare the cake mold, we will line the walls of the mold with the sheets of the cake, closing the entire surface of the mold. With a silicone brush, we will bathe the cake with the syrup that we had reserved until we have all the cake soaked in syrup.

4 . We will fill the interior with a mixture of almonds, butter, cream and liquor. We will smooth the mixture at the top so that it is well leveled and we will close with a layer of sponge cake, pressing well so that all the cake layers are placed and closed together.

5 . We will put it in the refrigerator for about 24 hours to get the cake to be well curdled and firm, we will demold with special care and we will serve it accompanied by a red fruit syrup that I am going to explain to you how to make very easily.


1 . In a saucepan we will add about 5 tablespoons of sugar with half a glass of water and two tablespoons of red fruits in syrup, the tablespoons that are well filled with fruits since the fruits are what will give the syrup its vivid color. We put it to heat and we will let it reduce until obtaining a syrup-like mixture, stir constantly for about 5/8 minutes while it boils.

2 . Once tempered, we will go through a strainer to remove the fruits and obtain the fruit-free syrup. Garnish the almond charlota with red fruit syrup at the base of the plate.

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