CHICKEN & GNOCCHI SOUP – This soup is very famous, and it’s full of usual flavors that duplicated in this soup made in an instant pot.

This soup is a suitable meal for a family dinner. It’s easy to make and will satisfy the whole family.

When you go to the Olive Garden Restaurant, sure you will hear about this soup. It’s the common choice for the majority of in this restaurant faithful clients.

This recipe contains all the delicious flavors that will taste in the original recipe. Have you ever visited Olive Garden? If you’re not. Today, you will enjoy one of their menu list meal.

Any recipe has a secret, and in this one you should use the rotisserie chicken. Make sure that you adjust well the spices to obtain a rotisserie chicken that full of flavor.

Really, the way you prepare the chicken make a big difference. So, if you want to get the stand-out version of this soup, prepare the rotisserie chicken in the right way.

Just concentrate, and you will give your family a delicious Olive Garden soup, but at your home. It’s so easy, and require just 30 min.

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