Coffee Flan Recipe

As in, a flan could be missing, in this case, a coffee flan. A delicious homemade dessert that is easy to prepare in just a few minutes.  Depending on the tastes of each one, we can add the type of coffee mixture that we like the most, we will have a homemade coffee flan totally personalized to our coffee taste.

In a moment we will have a homemade dessert with an irresistible flavor, with inexpensive and basic ingredients to have in our pantry, because who does not have a flan preparation? As fast as it is done it disappears !!! because it is tasted in a jiffy in all its presentations. You will see it !!


Since we have on the market a great variety of coffee makers that make us an irresistible coffee in all its flavors, we can choose the one we like the most, those magic capsules that cost a little expensive but that at the same time offer us a very wide range of flavors and blends, who resists drinking a good coffee …

With which we cannot miss the possibility that these coffee makers offer us to prepare recipes with our coffee, we will make the coffee flan with our favorite flavor, in this case we have elaborated the coffee flan with coffee with an intense flavor 100% roasted Arabica natural.

Ingredients for about 8/10 people

  • 1 liter of liquid cream to whip
  • 1 envelope of Royal flan preparation of 10 servings (with liquid caramel included)
  • 1 glass of coffee (to taste)


1 . We use liquid cream to mount because it is a cream with more fat and this flan requires consistency and will be firmer. The powdered preparation that we have used in this recipe is from the Royal brand because we have always used it in the preparation of our puddings and I know from my experience that it is a guaranteed guarantee that it will be perfect!

2 . We will make the coffee to our liking approximately, we will fill a glass of coffee and dissolve the envelope of preparation of the flan in that same coffee, we will reserve until its use. In a saucepan we heat the liquid cream over medium heat until we see that it is heated, add the coffee mixture to the cream, we will mix the ingredients well until it starts to boil and remove from the heat.

3 . In a silicone mold for custards or metallic we will pour liquid caramel at the base and on the sides of the mold to later unmold the coffee flan more easily. We will pour the cream and coffee mixture into the silicone molds that we have prepared for the flan and let it temper. Once the molds are tempered, we will put them in the refrigerator about 8/12 hours from one day to the next so that they solidify better and be able to taste them the next day as dessert!

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