cooking spaghetti in multivariate

Multivariate – a popular modern device, with which you can seriously speed up and simplify cooking. In addition, it replaces many other devices, also allowing space in the kitchen. They can cook a variety of dishes, from polenta to desserts.

For example, you can make an original and simple dish – spaghetti multivariate.

Pasta in multivariate can serve as an excellent side dish to meat or fish. 

PASTA a source of carbohydrates, 

but can be considered a dietary dish. The main thing – not to get involved in fatty sauces. No wonder many Italians, who eat a variety of pasta every day, even in old age can boast a beautiful figure and beautiful skin and hair – in durum wheat semolina pasta contain vitamins and fiber. Thus, it was decided – in preparing spaghetti multivariate.

Of course, you can simply boil it in hot water. But sometimes the time to cook something a little, and try again is unusual yet desirable. Cooking multivariate pasta is the best solution for this situation.

Let’s start with a very simple recipe. Using the “Pilaf” mode, put the pasta in multivariate, add the oil and a small amount of water. As a general rule, the program lasts about 40 minutes. If you use the “soup” mode, everything will be ready faster for twenty minutes.

You can pre-fry the “cooking” vegetables and meat, then add the pasta and pour a little water. Then you need twenty minutes to set you to “Pilaf” or “Meat” mode. method of use Characteristic for pilaf is that with this cooking the pasta does not boil soft, does not burn and does not dry out. When using the higher temperature of the food it can burn a little, so it will need to stir constantly.

One of the most original ways of cooking pasta in a multivariate

saucepan. Cooked pasta with vegetables must fry in the “Cook” for ten minutes, after which the mixture is poured milk and eggs and sprinkle with cheese. The dish is cooked for half an hour in the “baking” mode. Instead, you can use the vegetables for casseroles, mushrooms, eggplant, meat, or fish.

Another version of the beloved dishes – the nautical pasta.

 First, you need to cook spaghetti in multivariate can use the method described above. After that, it is necessary to get the paste and rinse. onions and carrots with vegetable oil and finely chopped meat are fried in the “fry” for about a quarter of an hour. The precooked dough mixture is added, all mixed, and fry for another five minutes in the same way. All nautical pasta using ready Multivarki.

Finally, an exquisite Italian-style recipe – pasta with cream sauce. For him, you need five minutes in the “frying” to cook the onion, then add a glass of cream and a little grated Parmesan and a little spice, such as ginger and pepper. Stir until then, until the cheese melts, then add the egg and mix everything quickly. Acute criminal is ready, it remains only to cook in multivariate your favorite kind of pasta, cover them with the sauce, and ten minutes to include “extinction” mode. When applied it is possible to decorate the dish with grated cheese and fresh basil.

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