Cubed Strawberry Fudge

It’s an easy thing today, the cubed strawberry fudge doesn’t require a long time, and also it needs just four ingredients to prepare it. Don’t lose this recipe and finish the article to see how it’s really easy.

I’m a lover of strawberries, and you? if you are. I think that you will become addicted to this wonderful cubed strawberry fudge recipe. yes, these pink cubes are very delicious, and their texture is so soft.

You can add something to this recipe, for those who love chocolate, they can grease cubes of strawberry fudge with their favorite type of chocolate. try that and let me know.

Required ingredients to make the easy cubes strawberry fudge:

  • white chocolate

You can go to the grocery and choose your favorite one(ones made with palm kernel oil are is my preferable).

  • Strawberry sauce

you can use Strawberry ice cream topping from the grocery or your own homemade sauce strawberry.

  • Lemon juice

We use a little freshly squeezed lemon juice to equalize the sweetness of these cubes of fudge.

  • Salt

A pinch of salt also equalizes sweetness.

How to prepare strawberry fudge:

– The first thing to do is melt the white chocolate in the microwave.

Take a suitable bowl, pour your favorite white chocolate, and heat for about one to three minutes. When the first minute passe, remove out, stir well and reenter the bowl in the microwave. after the second minute does the same thing until the white chocolate is totally melted.

– Second step: Stawberry sauce.

Bring the mixture of white chocolate and pour the strawberry sauce, add some freshly squeezed juice and a pinch of salt. Mix until well combined.

– The third step: Spread the fudge in a prepared pan.

Cover a square pan with a tin foil pan to easily remove it(you can spray with some baking spray or use parchment paper). Then spread the mixture prepared in the pan, cover, let cool for 3-4 hours.

Final step: Cutting the fudge.

Cut the fudge into small-sized cubes. And enjoy!!

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