cutlets with sauerkraut and cooking meat: more attractive recipes

and you are bored with the usual burgers, you can really diversify their taste, adding to the meat of any vegetable. The most successful are obtained cutlets with cabbage and meat. Due to such an unexpected addition, they got surprisingly soft and delicate


succulent burgers

There are several ways to cook them. But the most delicious, in the opinion of experts, are cutlets with cabbage and minced meat, a step-by-step recipe that we propose here.

  1. Head weight in kilograms cabbage as accurately as possible rag, prisalivaem and wrinkled hands. The resulting juice is drained.
  2. A couple of finely chopped onions and mix with cabbage.
  3. Added kilogram of minced meat; mass is kneaded, it is desirable hands.
  4. Introduces two eggs, salt, spices, pepper, and chop still kneaded.
  5. shaped cutlets, paneer with flour and traditionally roasted.

All! Call in familiar cutlets with cabbage and meat, but do not tell what the secret is. No one will guess why they are so tender and tasty.

Meat cutlets with cabbage

For this recipe, 200 grams of chopped cabbage (all alike cabbage) is blanched and mashed through a quarter of an hour. To get large meat cutlets with cabbage, a kilogram of beef (in extreme cases – veal) for the root pass through a meat grinder, mixed with cabbage, egg, and a tablespoon of chopped parsley. And seasoned After podsalivaniya kneaded mass, form the meatballs from the same, are displayed on the greased form and put in an oven set at 160 degrees. Ten minutes later, they’ll have to turn around and get back into place. Later the same term can be removed. These meatballs with cabbage and meat are very much in tune with composite side dishes – for example, with salads, but even ordinary mashed them do not spoil.

chicken options

They are not too different from, and pork or beef products – at least in terms of preparation. To build a chicken meatball from minced meat and cabbage, a kilo of chicken meat is ground, fill the finely chopped and roasted onion, and the whole mass is combined with chopped, salted and squeezed cabbage (even half a kilo). Nalepa Lennie small cutlets in paneer flour. Breaded desirable – they will get rougher but can fall apart in less. Not tushuytes. Stuffing can turn dampish – it’s peculiar to chicken. If you don’t take the time to turn over minced meat and cabbage patties it will become firm, smooth, and beautiful.

Instead of white – color

Since it will have to act a little different than the traditional one. 300 grams of cauliflower must be disassembled in separate kochanchiki, and together with onion and two cloves of garlic in a pyurirovat blender. Turn the minced meat or in ready to take 150 grams. What kind of meat to make – the decision is yours. It is driven into the egg, add pepper and salt – again, at your discretion. After kneading added worked in a grinder oat coffee (2 large spoons with slide) or conventional semolina. Due to such additives cutlets with cabbage and meat will be denser and will not fall apart. Herbs – basil and dill, for example, can be added for flavor and spices. It is noteworthy that such cutlets are better to fry under the lid – so that they are more fluffy and tender.

According to this recipe, and so get a great rib with sauerkraut and meat, but even tastier they are with a sauce made from two tablespoons of natural unsweetened tomato pulp of fresh dill, salt and favorite spices.

more tips

Made on one of these recipes for mince pies and cabbage can quickly fry in a pan, and “bring to mind” them already in the oven, watering tomato or cream sauce. It will only take a few minutes.

Many chefs claim that burgers are much tastier and juicier if half an onion beats the moist filling and half pre-fry in vegetable oil.

In addition, a huge number of cooks are advised to combine different cutlets of meat – for example, chicken with beef or pork. Chicken can be substituted for turkey, but the main thing that was half meat of four and a half legs – bird. Try it and decide what you like best.

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