EASY MEXICAN PIZZA is filled with seasoned ground beef, refried beans, melty cheese and enchilada sauce stuffed between two flour tortillas. These personal pizzas are a fun twist on the classic!

If you love Mexican food and indulging in a warm, gooey slice of pizza on occasion, then you are in the right place. These Mexican Pizzas are the best of both worlds, combining the bold flavors and textures of classic Mexican dishes with the beloved American staple: pizza!

These indulgent Mexican Pizzas start out with a crisp flour tortilla topped with refried beans, a seasoned ground beef mixture and another crispy tortilla. Zesty enchilada sauce is then spread over the top followed by a sprinkling of cheddar and pepper-jack cheese, diced tomato, green onion and olives. To make the cheese all melty and bubbly, the pizza is placed in the oven for 5 minutes, creating a warm, gooey Mexican Pizza ready to be devoured!

They are rich in flavor, come together easily and are perfect for those ‘make your own pizza’ nights. You can also tweak the recipe, so you can serve to a larger crowd or for a single serving if it’s just for one!

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