— Ribeye Steak (de boned)

— Provolone Slices

— Green Bell Pepper

— Red Bell Pepper

— Onions

— Butter

— Flour

— 2 Cups Milk

— Ground Mustard

— Cayenne Pepper

— Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese

— Shredded Pepper Jack Cheese

— BBQ Rub with pepper


The ribeye must be slightly firm in order to be thinly sliced. For about an hour, wrap the ribeye in plastic wrap and freeze it. When the ribeye is solid, cut it into paper-thin steak strips. Now is the moment to slice some onions, green peppers, and red bell peppers if you’re having peppers and peppers on your cheese steak. In the meanwhile, combine these. When prepared, put these in a bowl.

The cheese sauce will then be made. Put some butter and flour in a small pot to start. Mix with 2 cups of milk, then stir until the mixture begins to thicken. To add some heat, mix in a little ground mustard and cayenne pepper. Add your preferred kind of shredded cheese. A blend of pepper jack and sharp cheddar is what I advise. Place the pot on heat and stir it occasionally. Season with salt and pepper. Add your preferred spicy sauce if you’d like some heat.


We’re going to start the grill right now. I advise starting the coals in a smoker with Royal Oak Briquettes. Give the coals around 20 minutes to burn until they start to look ashed over. Put them in the grill’s base, close to the griddles. If your grill doesn’t have grate griddles, a cast-iron pan can be utilized as a flat surface. To help the grill heat up, adjust the vents on the top.


Put some frying oil on the cast-iron pan or grill grate. If you’re cooking with peppers and onions, add them first. Garlic and pepper can be added to these. Since they will cook quickly, only heat them long enough for them to become soft and turn caramelized. When ready, take them and reserve them.

We are now prepared to cook our steak because our vegetables are finished. Slices of steak are first placed in the pan with a tiny amount of oil. There is no need to cook everything at once, so you can prepare in batches. As you cook, season with pepper and small amounts of barbecue rub. Use a spatula or tongs to flip the steak to the other side after the first side has finished cooking. Because they are so thin, these slices will be fully cooked when they are finished frying. After being cooked, shred the steak by cutting it with a knife or pair of scissors while holding it down with a spatula. Repeat this procedure with the meat in small batches, seasoning both sides as necessary. Set the cooked steak aside.

We are prepared to make the sandwiches because our food has been prepared. Some of the cooked ribeye is added to the pan along with a tiny amount of oil. Utilizing your spatula, combine the meat with the sautéed peppers and onions. Make mounds of the food, the size of sandwiches. On top of the heaps of steak, place a few slices of provolone and wait for them to begin melting. Once the cheese has begun to melt, put a bread roll on top of each pile, open side down. Flip the sandwich over, placing it on a plate with your hand on top and a spatula on the bottom. Any grill remnants should be included into the sandwich. Repeat as often as necessary. Each sandwich should have the required amount of cheese sauce drizzled on it. Our double ribeye Philly cheesesteaks are now ready for consumption!

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