Home-style recipe of tiger skin and chicken

Today, the chef saw some fresh and big chicken feet in the market. I couldn’t help but buy some back, because I saw the chicken feet and thought of the Cantonese morning tea, the classic delicacy that every table must order. 

In other words, the chicken feet with tempeh and tiger skin are loved by many friends. When doing it, either the chicken feet stick together, or the effect of tiger skin will not be achieved. Today, the chef will share with you the method a Guangdong chef taught me. The tiger skin and chicken claws produced by this method are soft and glutinous, full of taste, and a success at the first time.

  After the chicken feet are cleaned with warm water

 add more water to the pot, put the washed chicken feet into the pot, and then add a spoonful of maltose, which can color the chicken feet, and then add a spoonful of white vinegar, and blanch the chicken with cold water The claws can make the chicken feet cook faster, and the white vinegar can make the chicken feet softer and waxy, and can also remove the fishy smell of the chicken feet. After we boil the water, we can blanch the chicken feet for about 1 minute, then drain the water and remove it, soak it in cold water directly to cool it down. This can lock the collagen in the chicken and prevent the chicken feet from sticking together.

  After the chicken feet have cooled

 you can drain the chicken feet and fill them up. The water on the chicken feet can be wiped clean with kitchen paper. Chicken feet must be deep-fried in order to make tiger skin. If there is water left in the chicken feet, it is easy to fry the pan when frying, so the step of drying the water is indispensable.

  After the chicken feet are dried

 put in more cooking oil. When the oil is 50% hot, the chicken feet can be put in the pot. When frying the chicken feet, if there is still oil spilling, you can cover the pan and let the chicken feet continue to fry slowly, so that you can prev

  Keep them from being scalded by oil.

  When the chicken feet in the pot are no longer splashing oil, you can turn them to medium heat, open the lid, separate the chicken feet with chopsticks and turn them over. Some friends left after the chicken feet were fried in the pan. In that case, the chicken feet will definitely stick together. Therefore, I have to keep turning over the chicken feet in the pot. After the chicken feet are shaped, we will deep-fry them slowly to color them.

  When the chicken feet are all fried to golden brown, 

they can be taken out with a strainer, drained of oil, and directly soaked in cold water. In the case of high temperatures, the chicken sticks to the bone. We directly put it in cold water to cool down, so that the tight skin of the chicken can be loosened, and then a tiger skin will be formed. Let’s soak the chicken feet in cold water for 20 minutes and then take a look.

  At this time, we can prepare some peanuts and wash them

  Wash the peanuts well, add enough water that has not been peanuts, soak the peanuts for 30 minutes to allow the peanuts to absorb enough water, and the taste will be softer when you eat it later. Eat chicken feet, bring tea and wine.

  To prepare another dish, add a small piece of cinnamon, a few geranium leaves, one-star anise, and a pinch of fennel, mix it into a large ingredient, and set it aside.

  After a while, let’s take a look at the chicken feet. Now the chicken feet have tiger skin. They are beautiful. Use a strainer to remove the tiger skin chicken feet and drain the water.

  Next, take the pot, add a small amount of cooking oil, put the mixed ingredients into the pot, fry the flavor, then add the tiger skin and chicken feet, fry the flavor, and then add more boiling water. This step must be added to the boiling water. In this way, the tiger skin of the chicken feet can be stewed better, otherwise, the tiger skin that we finally soaked will shrink together after a while, and it will not look good. At this time, we can pour the soaked peanuts into the pot together, add a section of chives to enhance the flavor, and stew with large ingredients for 20 minutes, so that the chicken feet and peanuts can absorb the flavor of the juice.

  At this time we prepare a bowl of sauce, prepare a larger bowl, add 2 spoons of light soy sauce, 1 spoon of dark soy sauce, 1 spoon of oyster sauce, 1 spoon of vermicelli sauce, 1 spoon of char siu sauce, 1 spoon of hoisin sauce, 1 spoon of chili sauce , Doubanjiang is less than half a spoon, stir well and set aside.

  Prepare some peeled garlic cloves, put them in a garlic blender, and beat them into garlic paste for later use. Prepare some shallots, cut into shallots, and set them aside for later use.

  When it’s time to stew the chicken feet, first take the chicken feet out and let the peanuts continue to stew slowly, cu

  Use scissors to cut off the nails of the chicken feet, and then divide the chicken feet into two, so that it will be more convenient to eat chicken feet in the future. Moreover, the chicken feet are already softened at this time. It is easier to cut your nails or cut in half without much effort. After the chicken feet are cut, put them on a plate for later use.

  Take another pot, add the appropriate amount of cooking oil, when the oil is warm, add the minced garlic, fry the fragrance of the garlic, then pour the previously mixed sauce into the pot, stir fry with a spade to get the fragrance, then pour half a bowl of starch thickened juice, continue to stir the sauce in the pot with a spatula until the soup becomes thick, just like the state in the video, pour a small amount of sesame oil to fragrant, stir evenly and pour it into the bowl for later use.

  After the sauce has cooled, pour it into the chicken feet, wear gloves on your hands, and mix the chicken feet and the sauce evenly.

  At this time, our peanuts are also

  After simmering, remove the peanuts and spread them on a larger plate. Then evenly place the chicken feet covered with sauce on the peanuts, so that the sauce on the chicken feet will slowly penetrate into the peanuts, and the peanuts will be delicious. After the chicken feet are set, sprinkle some tempeh.

  When it is out of the pot, add more cold water. After the water is boiled, put in a steaming steamer. Put the prepared chicken feet in the steamer. Cover the lid and steam with boiling water for 10 minutes.

  At that time, our delicious tempeh and tiger skin chicken feet will be ready. Take out the chicken feet and sprinkle a small amount of chopped green onion and coriander. Does it look like the tiger skin chicken feet sold in a tea restaurant outside?

  At this time, the chicken feet are in the Q bomb state, and the taste is very good. If you want to eat soft and glutinous boneless chicken feet, you can steam the chicken feet in a pot for 30-40 minutes. If you steam the chicken feet, you can taste the taste of boneless chicken feet, so you can choose a different cooking time according to your taste.

  Mine is steamed for 10 minutes and it is very refreshing. The taste is very strong. The tiger skin is Q bombs. The bones of the chicken feet are also soft. Friends who like to drink morning tea will know that this kind of tiger skin chicken feet is really good. eat. Let’s take a look at the peanuts below! At this time, the peanuts are already very soft. Whether it is a snack or a wine, it is very delicious.

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