HOMEMADE CHOCOLATE FROSTING FOR CAKE OR CUPCAKES – Easy Chocolate Frosting is the BEST frosting for cakes, especially birthday cupcakes!! It’s simple to whip up and so creamy!

Happy Birthday, Gord! 27 blissful years ago, you emerged from your mother’s womb and graced this planet earth with your presence. Then you lived the first part of your life wondering what you were missing. Then you met me and your life was complete.

Then I made you a chocolate cake and slathered the entire thing with chocolate frosting and angels sang praises. I lit ALL 700 candles, brought it over to you on the deck to sing happy birthday and the wind blew them all out. {Except for maybe 4?} Then you made a wish and we ate cake.

I think by now you all should know that I am the lemon freak and my husband is the chocoholic in this house. So of course I had to give the man chocolate on his birthday. So I did. Big time. Chocolate on chocolate with a few sprinkles on top. That is this cake.

The cake portion is actually Ree’s Chocolate Sheet Cake recipe that I adapted and baked into 2-9 inch rounds. {I added 1/2 teaspoon baking powder to the batter, so they would rise a bit more than usual.} They baked up beautifully and ended up being really moist! It’s a great go-to recipe.

Then I made a batch of my favorite frosting and ate it all with a spoon. Then I made another batch and frosted this cake. Try to refrain from licking your screen. I know it’s hard. I used a butter knife to frost the birthday cake and a 1M Wilton tip to frost the cupcakes. Then we went to town and bedazzled these babies out with all the boyish sprinkles I could find.

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