hot desserts: the ingredients, baking, decoration

They do not even consider themselves to be the gourmand so people are unlikely to give up on lunch to end up with something sweet. And this conclusion is almost mandatory for children. And if the summer is especially popular ice cream, cold drinks, and various jellies, then cooling to the front hot sweets. Even if they are eaten by getting a little cooled. It is warm and saturated and will delight the taste buds.

Hot sweet ingredients can be very different. Often used for sweet fruit varieties – and these sweets are the most harmless to the body. There are even more serious goodies like cakes. In general, all gluttons will find in this abundance nothing on the soul and stomach.

“Banana Paradise”

Bananas are so tasty on their own. But more interesting are the hot deserts with their participation. And also losing the presentable appearance of the fruit are suitable for them.

Bananas are cleaned and cut. The fragments should not be too small, so they do not disintegrate during cooking. Large bananas cut no more than four pieces. The volumetric cup or bowl combines teaspoon of vanilla and a quarter of a tablespoon of dark rum. They melt six tablespoons of oil in a pan (enough to prepare their four bananas). Half a tablespoon of brown sugar and a little cinnamon are stirred in the oil. In this mixture, palominski roasted banana on each side. ready fruit mixed with vanilla rum and immediately eaten.

“Like Apple”

Even more popular hot cooking desserts are always available from Apple. Even simply baked in the oven, they are already drooling. And if you add some nice extras, the delicacy tempts even ascetic.

Cleaned and cut into medium kilograms of apples with firm flesh. Especially good for Cortland and Gala cooking varieties. However, others will give a good result. pieces of apple well mixed with a large lemon juice, two tablespoons of cinnamon and a third cup of sugar (better if again prefer cane). “Glaze ” should obaloch each piece. The form is placed in an oven whose temperature is raised to 200 0 C. The cake is baked for half an hour with occasional stirring.

“Fruit happiness”

Fruit can be built and complex hot desserts. And strongly not to object: the cooking process is not too complicated yet.

Four large pears are well washed and slightly dehumidified. Knife cut each seredinka. One hundred grams of dried apricots, washed and cut, mixed with the same amount of grapes (take one that has the opposite). This mixture is filled with pears and folded into the package for cooking. It is placed in the oven at a temperature of 180 ° for one quarter hour. Then dessert is removed from the bag, poured caramel sauce or any syrup and fed Pet ‘s sweet tooth.

sweet fondue

However, hot desserts can be made and no fruit. If you consider a Swiss cheese fondue, then it is already available in an agricultural appliance for its preparation – fond yoshimitsu. If you don’t have it, it will suit any thick-walled piece of the plate. It is a really quiet fire melted chocolate, white or black – on request. It can have flavors and fragrances: cinnamon, vanilla and even cloves. And then from small buns, Macau received a “sauce” and ate with great pleasure.

Apple crumble: recipe

Charlotte and others bake apple pies, probably every woman. But few people know about collapsing. Meanwhile, the recipe deserves a lot of attention: this dessert is very similar to a cake, it consists only of crumbs and has a unique taste. In addition, traditional desserts sometimes have difficult preparation that crumble with apples. The recipe mainly calls for caramelizing the fruits. For this purpose, a pound of apples is cleaned from the skin and seeds, then cut into medium cubes. In a deep pan, melt the polpacci oil (100 grams). Stir about half a cup of sugar (150 grams) and half a teaspoon of cinnamon – nutmeg. In the pot pour the apple cubes and stir continuously wrapped syrup for about ten minutes.

Now the second component – the baby. Well cold butter (half a pack remaining) finely chopped and frayed and half cups of flour. Then came sugar and almond flour – half a cup. Grinding is repeated until, until all the dough is like bread crumbs, and large formations won’t be broken.

Form for cooking abundantly greased and lightly floured. It explained caramelized apples; fluid spills, too. On top of this delight sprinkled with crumbs, the surface is carefully leveled. Sometimes it seems like a lot of pasta, but it’s misleading. 

Pudding – is delicious

These are the famous sweets of the UK. The most traditional of all the abundance is considered a milk pudding. Our hostesses got the impression that they are making puddings very difficult. However, everything in this world can be overcome. As it turns out, erect pudding is not only for English. A teaspoon of gelatin soaked and left to swell. Two hard whipped egg yolks mixed in half a glass of milk with two tablespoons of starch.

In a saucepan pour the rest of the box half a liter of milk, sugar (two tablespoons), swollen jelly, and vanilla are added. The mixture is heated very quietly until everything has melted. Then poured into a mixture of the latter (milk/starch/egg yolks), and the base is cooked a couple of minutes with slow but steady stirring. Then the milk is poured into single-portion molds, takes cover (for example cling film) and placed in the refrigerator for two hours. Before sending a treat, sprinkle with grated chocolate, coconut or chopped nuts. A can pour jam or honey.


In Bulgaria, too, like hot sweets. And the most popular – “Bay” Delicious cheese donuts. And their children like to eat, and my mother – to cook: bay made it very simple. Curd package is kneaded with a glass of flour, a teaspoon of baking soda and three eggs. Cottage cheese is better not to take granular or rub through a sieve. In a deep bowl or saucepan heat a large amount of vegetable oil. Putting spoon compound and lowered during frying. Fried bay very quickly. How to turn beautiful brown – they are removed and placed on a cloth to remove the oil. And for the most part, vkusnosti donuts or sprinkled with powdered sugar or dipped in hot or melted chocolate syrup.

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