Specially designed, the pizza oven is mainly used to cook your pizzas. It is therefore essential for pizzerias and possibly for restaurants that offer pizzas to their customers. These devices are improved so that your pizza is cooked evenly. 

This is to avoid altering its quality without burning and without losing its taste value. However, a lot of brands are present in the market with many models. This is because sometimes you cannot choose the brand of oven you want to buy. Here, you will discover the essential characteristics to acquire a pizza oven by introducing you to the qualities of the pizza oven.

Pizza oven: what are the main features?

Apart from the ingredients necessary for the preparation of pizza, the cooking equipment plays an essential role in obtaining a better quality of your food. The pizza oven is the ideal food equipment suitable for professional kitchens that have to satisfy a large volume of production. And, of course, the preparation of pizza must be done carefully and with great attention.

Reliable and professional, the pizza oven will help you monitor the cooking even if you don’t have enough experience. There are several models of pizza oven that meet quality and safety standards in terms of power, capacity, size, and other technical characteristics. In addition, the preheating time of the oven is very short. As a result, the temperature change is quite rapid. Also, great importance given to energy saving is another major characteristic of this cooking appliance.

Finally, the professional structure of the All For Food Pizza Oven is not only durable and strong, but it is also intelligently constructed to allow easy and mess-free cleaning. This structure thus offers you convenience and time saving and hygienic safety.

How to choose your pizza oven?

Electric, gas, large or even medium-sized oven, the choice is not easy. It will therefore take a long time for you to discern which model is best suited to your needs. Here are some tips to help you know which type of oven is right for you.

  • Do not neglect the price: The price of the product is a determining factor in its quality. Prices for all models of AllForFood pizza ovens start from € 200 Do not resort to choosing a pizza oven at a very low price.
  • Be easy to use and maintain: Make sure that the model chosen is more practical and offers various features. Ease of cleaning and maintenance are two important features to make your oven operation more enjoyable and comfortable. Therefore, favor stainless steel models because they resist corrosion and are easier to maintain.
  • Pay attention to the capacity, power and cooking time of the pizza oven: The capacity is dependent on the number of pizzas to be prepared. Then concerning the power, a pizza oven is eligible to reach 500 ° C. It should be noted that the temperature of 350 ° C is very good with a power of 1200W .
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