How to make stir-fried bullfrogs

Bullfrog, I believe many people like to eat it. Bullfrog meat is firm but fresh and delicious. Bullfrog is also a high-protein, low-fat healthy food. Regular consumption can promote human vitality and energy. You can usually eat more bullfrogs. Bullfrogs are imported products. 

They are native to North America and Mexico. They were later introduced to China and then reproduced in China. Bullfrog prices are not high, about 20 yuan per kilogram, compared with cheaper, more delicious pork. Let me share with you the recipe for dry pot bullfrog. Friends who like to eat bullfrogs should not miss it.

  Ingredients preparation: bullfrog, green pepper, garlic, red pepper, perilla, cooking wine, Pixian bean paste, beer, chicken essence, sugar, light soy sauce, oyster sauce, cooked white sesame, salt, cooking oil

  Home-style stir-fried bullfrog

  1. Prepare a few processed bullfrogs, clean them, and chop them into small pieces. After all the chop is done, rinse them with washing twice, drain the water and put them in a large bowl for later use; prepare and clean other side dishes and ingredients. , Cut ginger into thin slices, remove the outer skin of garlic and cut into small pieces, remove the stalk of green pepper and cut into small pieces, cut red pepper into small pieces, and cut perilla into small pieces for later use;

  2. First marinate the bullfrog, add the appropriate amount of salt and cooking wine, stir evenly and then marinate for 20 minutes to taste. After 20 minutes, sprinkle an appropriate amount of dry starch, grasp and mix evenly, so that the surface of the bullfrog is evenly coated with a thin layer of Starch, set aside for later use;

  3. Start the pot, pour enough edible oil into the pot, put in bamboo chopsticks when the oil is 60% hot, and when there are a lot of small bubbles, add the marinated bullfrogs, and wait until the bullfrogs are fried to a final shape. Flip the bullfrog again to heat the bullfrog evenly, continue to fry for about 10 seconds, and remove the bullfrog to control the oil for use;

  4. Leave a small amount of base oil in the pot. After the oil is hot, add the cut millet peppers, garlic granules, and ginger slices. Turn on low heat and continue to fry until the aroma is released. After the aroma is dry, add a spoonful of Pixian bean paste and continue. Turn on a low fire and continue to stir fry. After the red oil is added, add a pinch of green pepper and chili noodles. Continue to stir and fry on a low fire to get the fragrance;

  5. After frying the aroma, pour into a can of beer, then start seasoning, add the appropriate amount of chicken essence, sugar, light soy sauce, oyster sauce, stir evenly, add the fried bullfrog, quickly stir again and mix evenly, cover with medium and low heat Simmer for 3 minutes with the lid, open the lid after 3 minutes, add the cut green peppers and perilla, turn on the high heat and quickly stir and fry evenly, fry until the green peppers are broken, then turn off the heat and take it out of the pot. Put it on the plate. Sprinkle some cooked white sesame seeds at the end to make this very delicious dry pot bullfrog. It is delicious and delicious.

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