How to use CBD oil in food

CBD oil is more and more in vogue among influencers, who do not hesitate to use it in their food. Due to its many benefits for the body and soul, CBD has become the go-to substance of the moment, and it is likely to last. Find out how to incorporate CBD oil into your eating routine.  

Methods of consuming CBD  

Today, CBD is found in many forms, ranging from “pure” products to derivative products. The purest product is CBD oil, which results from a method of extracting molecules from the cannabis plant. This oil is used to create many by-products, ranging from shampoos and cosmetics to energy drinks. Yes, you read that correctly: you can now buy coffee, lemonade or a protein shake made with CBD.  

We then speak of edible CBD, that is to say, that we can consume. CBD oil is also a product that is consumed directly in the kitchen: some oils, lighter, can be put on a salad or a taco. CBD can also be found in powder form (to mix with flour for cakes for example) or in the form of capsules, to be consumed directly as food supplements. You are probably wondering if these food products have any effect  ? The answer is yes.  

Go for full spectrum CBD   

If you want to benefit from all the benefits of CBD, then you will probably need to consume CBD oil daily in your salads and side dishes. However, it is important to manage your consumption in the kitchen, so that the CBD retains its potency. Many consumers indicate that occasional consumption can benefit from certain benefits, such as regulating sleep or anxiety, but that this is linked to other factors, such as a better pace of life. Dietary CBD is not the only resource against ailments, it is rather a way of life.  

This is all the more reinforced if you opt for full-spectrum CBD oil in the kitchen. Indeed, the other category of CBD, which is isolated, could be compared to bread in terms of nutritional intake: it is not enough. Conversely, full-spectrum CBD is linked to other cannabinoids and therefore other benefits, which provide proteins, minerals, but also vitamins. Other cannabinoids include, for example, CBN, CBDV, or CBC.  

Cooking tips  

So, before using CBD oil in cooking, you need to educate yourself about its composition. If it will always be 100% vegetable oil, the origin of the plant will be important, both for the benefits and for the quality of the oil or the extraction method.  

You must then make your choice according to the type of food you eat. It is not advisable to cook your food in a pan with CBD oil, but rather to opt for a fatty oil with a few drops of CBD. Prefer CBD crystal oil for your desserts and coconut oil with CBD for your culinary preparations.  

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