Traffic Accident Lawyer

Traffic Accident Lawyer

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With the increase in the number of vehicles on the road every year, there is a serious increase in traffic accidents. Due to traffic accidents; material and moral damages may occur in the property of the casualty himself or his relatives. In this case, it gives rise to a claim for compensation. For this reason, it will be in your best interest to work with an expert traffic accident lawyer in order to receive your compensation claims without loss of rights .

What are the Compensation Claims Due to Traffic Accidents?

Due to traffic accidents; material and moral damages may occur in the property of the casualty himself or his relatives. In this sense, traffic accident compensation; refers to both bodily and property damage. These damages can be requested from the relevant persons (vehicle driver, owner, operator and insurance company, from the assurance account).
Traffic accident compensation arises from tortious legal liability. Accordingly, there are consequences in matters such as the statute of limitations, the jurisdiction of the court, and the amount of compensation.
It is possible to collect compensation claims due to traffic accidents under 2 headings.

⦁ Material / Moral Compensation Claims Due to Personal Injury and Death
⦁ Claims for Material Compensation for Damage to the Vehicle

Material / Moral Compensation Claims Due to Personal Injury and Death

Due to traffic accident; In the event of injury or disability (disability), short-term or lifetime losses occur due to the inability of people to work or not be able to work. Again, the treatment costs in this process constitute the other loss item. In this sense, loss of employment or loss of workforce, loss of economic future and loss of earnings and treatment expenses can be claimed as financial compensation . It is important that you set out with an expert traffic accident lawyer in order to avoid any loss of rights in your material compensation claims.
Injured or disabled persons and their relatives in case of serious bodily injury may also request non-pecuniary compensation due to the pain, sadness and suffering they experience .
If death has occurred in a traffic accident, it is possible to get money from the insurance. In this sense, the compensation cases that can be filed by the relatives of the deceased are as follows.

⦁ Compensation for deprivation of support (compensation for deprivation of support of the deceased),
⦁ Pre-death treatment expenses,
⦁ Funeral and burial expenses

They can demand compensation for such damages from the relevant parties.In addition to these, the relatives of the deceased can also claim non-pecuniary damages due to the pain, sadness and suffering they have experienced .
The compensations that can be requested in injury traffic accidents can be listed as follows.

⦁ permanent incapacity compensation,
⦁ Temporary incapacity compensation,

Claims for Material Compensation for Damage to the Vehicl

Claims for compensation of all kinds of damage to the vehicle as a result of a traffic accident are evaluated within this scope.

What is Vehicle Value Loss?

Depreciation; It can be expressed as the decrease in the market value of the vehicle damaged as a result of a traffic accident, despite being repaired. In other words, it is related to the difference between the value of the vehicle after it was damaged and repaired after a traffic accident and its value when it was never damaged. In this sense, the difference between the second-hand sales value of the vehicle before the accident date and the second-hand sales value of the vehicle after the repair shows the loss of value. The amount of compensation for loss of value may vary depending on the nature of the damage, the year of manufacture, brand, model and mileage of the vehicle. In this sense, it will be important to determine the amount of depreciation compensation to be demanded from the obligatory liability insurance company of the other party. The expertise of a car accident lawyer will always be in your favor in determining this amount. 

What is the Damage Cost?

Damage cost; It is related to the elimination of the technical damage to the accident vehicle and the repair costs. In this sense, it covers the repair and part replacement expenses made to restore the vehicle to its ready-to-use condition.

What is the Damage Difference Fee?

insurance companies; Instead of paying compensation for the damaged vehicles, they may prefer the repair of the vehicle, which can be expressed as indemnification, to a contracted service, to be delivered as repaired and the compensation to be made to the service that carried out the repair.
Insurance companies, if they adopt the same compensation method, are obliged to ensure and control that the service provided is performed in accordance with the relevant legislation, as is the case with the repair of the vehicle at the contracted services. It is the company’s responsibility if the repair work has been carried out in a way that violates the rights of the insured or the injured party. For example, repairing a part that needs to be replaced, replacing the part that needs to be replaced with an “equivalent” or “original” part because it is not possible to be repaired, with parts not of the same quality, improper workmanship, and differences with the original paint on the painted parts. To have made an agreement with the service to provide appropriate service and to make repairs properly,
It may not be possible for everyone to know everything about your legal rights and compensation claims, or to have information about the ways to be followed in these matters. It is the most important issue that we can recommend you to set out with an expert traffic accident lawyer for such requests.

“In case of damage, the damaged part is replaced with the original if it is not possible to repair it or if it is not possible to replace it with an equivalent or reusable part. Even if there is an increase in the value of the vehicle as a result of the application of this paragraph, this difference cannot be deducted from the compensation amount .

According to the aforementioned provision, the damaged vehicle will be repaired first, and if the repair is not possible, the damaged part must be replaced with an equivalent part, and if the equivalent part is not available, it must be replaced with a new (original) part. On the other hand, in practice, it is seen that parts that cannot be repaired, especially in traffic insurances, can be replaced with parts that are not of the same quality or are called “sub-industry” parts, contrary to the legislation, instead of “equivalent” or “original” parts. In this case, “damage difference fee” may be requested from the insurance company, or “fitting the appropriate part” may be requested. 

Traffic Accident Lawyer

Or Law and consultancy office works with lawyers who are experts in traffic accidents. One of the founding lawyers of our office, Atty. İbrahim Or continues to work meticulously as a traffic accident lawyer . 

Which Lawyers Take Care of Traffic

Traffic accident compensation cases are extremely sensitive and it would be healthier to carry out the legal process with a traffic accident expert lawyer. In Or Law and Consultancy office, our activities as a traffic accident lawyer are carried out by our expert team.
You can write to us for information about traffic accident lawyer fees.

It will be important for the victims to receive legal/technical support in the compensation of all kinds of material and moral damages that may occur as a result of traffic accidents, in order not to lose their rights. Indeed, as seen above, there are many aspects to the subject.
As Or Law and Consultancy; Among the services listed above, including the difference in damage to your vehicle after traffic accidents, loss of value and vehicle depreciation, it provides services for filing and following up a traffic accident non-pecuniary damage lawsuit. We are always with you regarding the material damage traffic accident compensation case. These services are provided by our expert lawyer staff in traffic accidents.


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