LOADED BAKED POTATO SALAD is a classic potato salad recipe with a spin! All of your favorite baked potato flavors like bacon, cheddar cheese and chives make this a perfect BBQ side dish!

I have a confession to make… Potato Salad is one of my most favorite foods. I know it’s weird. Certainly, give me a chocolate chip cookie any day of the week and I won’t argue, but when I am presented with a gorgeous bowl of homemade potato salad, I’ll dive first into that bowl of carb heaven.

Loaded Baked Potato Salad Is The Perfect BBQ Side Dish

I’m not sure what it is about potato salad that has me smitten, but if I don’t control myself, I will eat myself into a coma. And turns out, knowing this about myself, I never tried to make potato salad until very recently. I was too scared that armed with that knowledge, I would quickly be weighing in at 400 pounds (ca. 181 kg), give or take.

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