— 6 Chiles Guajillos cleaned and defrosted.

— 4 wide chilies, thawed, seedless and roasted in a thick layer and then soaked in hot water

— 3 peeled garlic cloves

— 1 kg of pork cut into cubes

— 1 leaf of laurel

— Half a teaspoon or a pinch of ground cumin

— 1 teaspoon of dried oregano

— Salt and pepper to your liking.


Place the chilies guajillos in a medium pot and cover with water. Cook for 15 minutes on medium heat until the chilies are soft.

While the chilies are cooking, place the pork in a skillet with one and a half cups of water and add the laurel leaf. Cook on high heat until it boils down and then lower the flame. Cook until the meat is tender. Like 20 mins in.

Place the chilies and garlic in the blender with a cup of the liquid where the chilies, cumin, and oregano were cooked. Simmer until it forms a very thick sauce.

Ya when the meat is cooked and soft, add the sauce to the skillet. If necessary, use a detergent to empty the sauce.

Season with salt and pepper, on low heat for about 10 minutes more. After this time, a layer of fat is formed on the surface of the stew, which can be removed with the help of a spoon.

This dish can be served with rice and beans. Enjoy it with some warm tortillas.


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