MINI BAKED POTATOES – These are an easy and quick appetizer for any time(special occasions, parties, and holidays). Crispy roasted small potatoes that will surprise any guest.

With just little effort, and using oven or air fryer, you will prepare these easy potatoes. Cheese, bacon, sour cream are some favorite topping that will give you a delicious taste.

You can serve them warm directly to your family gathering, or any other occasions. They will not disappoint you. Everyone will like them and appreciate your doing.

For these MINI BAKED POTATOES, you will need just some few ingredients(exactly 3 basic ingredients). Simple ingredients, but an incredible tasted food.

Some additional ingredients like bacon, fresh herbs, and cheddar cheese….etc. Each one can pick his favorite additional ingredients, the essential is to get incredible roasted potatoes.

It also can be served as a side dish paired with your perfect meal. Meals with fish, chicken, or something that you think that’s delicious for you. Perhaps, they are individually suitable for you.

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