New Apple Pie

New apple Pie recipe

Everyone loves apple as a fruit that contains vitamins, delicious flavor, and is good for our health. This new apple pie recipe will give you another reason to love apples. Today, we will give apples their real value as an old fruit known by our ancestors.

New apple pie is just one of the recipes collection which we can make using apple as a principal ingredient that gives its flavor to our new recipe. The filling of our pie was an amazing operation, we made it lightly by the way to give it another new taste.

New Apple Pie Method :

To start the Recipe, look in your kitchen for a new sharp knife and take the six apples to commence peeling them, Then remove their core.

Now, bring a dish, cover it with the puff pastry and slice the peeling apples, Then place the half-apples sliced in the dish in the method which can conserve their original form.

In a bowl, whisk the eggs, and add milk, flour, sugar, and melted butter, combine well. Then pour the mixture above the half-apples pre-placed into the dish.

Sprinkle the brown sugar on the apples, and bake at the temperature of 350°F.
After 20min remove out the dish, you can use the vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce to decorate your New Apple Pie.

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