PUMPKIN BREAD RECIPE – I remember every fall when my grandmother would make the most amazing bread. Pumpkin was one of her favorites, and mine too. This recipe makes 3 loaves of pumpkin bread, which allows you to share with your friends and family or just keep all to yourself!

I made these this morning for a group of men who come by for coffee with my husband. They all loved it, and had several slices each and took some home too. It was just wonderful, slightly warm with coffee! I baked them in glass loaf pans, and needed to add 5 minutes of time for them to completely bake. The only ingredient I substituted was that I used Coconut oil instead of Canola as that is what I had available, and it was just delish!

This was an outstanding recipe! I did not add the nuts (family preference) and instead of the water called for in the recipe, I used non-dairy pumpkin spice coffee creamer for added flavor. I also did not add the cloves or the nutmeg as I figured the coffee creamer would add that extra punch of spice and flavor, and it did. Likewise, I used golden raisins because that is what I had on hand, and it turned out amazingly good. Everyone who tasted it gave it rave reviews! Thanks for posting this recipe, Dana!

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