Quick American Potato Salad(Southern potato salad with boiled eggs recipe)

Indeed, the majority of American people like to eat the potato salad served in a bowl, especially when they go to pass their holiday with their families. The same thing for me, my favorite potluck dinner is the fried chicken and side dish full of American southern potato salad.

Each one has his own special way to prepare potato salad. However, in the south, this recipe has one way with a little difference from house to other. Potatoes and boiled eggs are the main ingredients for this traditional recipe. The perfect creamy texture is one of its advantages.

As it’s known, American southern potato salad is totally based on potatoes. So, you have to know how to pick the suitable ones to obtain the best version of American potato salad.

How to choose the suitable potatoes?

The potatoes are different from one place to another in this world. Each one will find a way to choose it. But you must verify if your picked potatoes can stay coherent after they have been boiled. Note that, if you use potatoes with thin skin, you can override the peeling step.

How to make this recipe:

In a large pot full of water, put the peeled potatoes cubes to boil over high heat, don’t let them get mushy. Drain the boiled potatoes and let to cool. This first step takes approximately ten minutes.

Put the potatoes in a dry pan and mash them well to an optimal creamy potato salad that can soak up well the dressing.

When the potatoes are preparing. Bring a large bowl and combine well all ingredients. Then add the cooked potatoes and combine well.

Sprinkle a little black pepper, wrap it with aluminum and place it in the fridge. It can be served chilled or at the normal temperature of the room.

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