SHIRLEY TEMPLE CAKE – Do you have a birthday party or baby shower coming up? Looking to serve something a little whimsical and nostalgic at the same time? Then look no further than this wonderful recipe based on one of our favorite treats from when we were kids: a Shirley Temple cake.

Yes! The much-beloved cherry colored soda drink has been transformed into an amazingly pink, moist and delicious cake!

We all know that to make a Shirley Temple, we need maraschino cherries and lemon-lime soda. Cherries help with color and flavor while, at least in the cake version, the soda bubbles help to keep the cake moist and delicious. A slightly pink cake pops out of the oven and cools completely before we top it with a pretty pink frosting. To serve, we add a dollop of whipped cream and of course top it off with a maraschino cherry. What a delightfully fun spin on one of our favorite childhood drinks.

We’d completely forgotten about this delicious non-alcoholic drink until we stumbled across this CAKE recipe and couldn’t believe how fun it sounded. A favorite soda drink turned into a fun cake sounds like the perfect treat for a baby shower or birthday party. It’s just the right amount of fun and nostalgia, served with a cherry on top!

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