sweet pilaf: how to cook it?

Do you want to surprise your family with something tasty? Then you should prepare the sweet pilaf for them. This is done in minutes and is one of those products that is in every refrigerator.

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So you have decided to cook sweet pilaf for the whole family. I fully agree with your choice. Now you need to prepare the following products:

150 g of butter;

apricots, plums, grapes and almonds (50 g each);

half a glass of pomegranate juice;

rice (better to take coarse) – 1, 5 cups;

2 tbsp. l of sugar;

1 starfruit (if you haven’t found the store, that’s fine, you can do without it).

When all the ingredients are at hand, you can start making pilaf desserts. Take a specified amount of rice, and wash it thoroughly with tap water. Then we find a medium-sized pot, fill it with water, we fall asleep with rice and boil over low heat. Now we need a kettle (which is usually made with sweet pilaf with raisins). But if you don’t do it at home, it’s quite a suitable pan. We need to break 100 g of butter. Then add the rice. All of this is thoroughly mixed and an airtight lid. We put the fire to a minimum. Let it cook until the sweet pilaf rice is completely ready. Constantly stir in the rice stuck in Kazan and not burnt.

Take another pan and melt the butter in it (the remaining 50 g). Add the almonds, plums, apricots and raisins in any sequence. Frying them a bit for our sweet risotto turned out to be delicious and fragrant.

In another pan, cook the syrup will consist of natural pomegranate juice, sugar and carambola. The mixture we bring to a boil, then cook for another 5 minutes. The syrup we should add sauteed in butter oil fruit. All these ingredients are well blended together. It remains to mix rice with fruit. That’s it – a delicious sweet pilaf is ready.

Despite the fact that the fruit pilaf is prepared quickly enough, it can significantly speed up the process. Help will come to you with a modern device called “multivarka”. You can prepare sweet pilaf in just a few minutes.

Among the products we need: onions, medium carrots, rice, raisins and dried apricots. First, take the apricots and raisins, wash them thoroughly with water and soak them for a while. Then proceed to the preparation of carrots and onions. Wash and peel the carrots is best for grating, chop the onion into cubes. In multivarka select the “meat” mode. It remains to pay 1 hour. L vegetable oil (unrefined).

Lightly fried vegetables. In parallel with this, we wash rice (parboiled or you can take long grain). After washing, put it in the vegetables. Add water to cover the rice with vegetables.

Again we turn to multivariate and set the mode to “rice”. As for the cooking time, the best option would be 10 minutes. Tightly close the lid of our future pilaf gently translate the valve to the desired position and turn on the device. After 10 minutes pilaf is completely ready. But not immediately after the beep removes the lid. Let the rice at least 20 minutes later. It can be done on multivariate heating mode. As you can see, this dish is cooked fragrant very quickly.

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