TEXAS PECAN FUDGE PIE – This delicious pie topped with a crunchy pecan layer and loaded with gooey fudge filling is incredible. Try to make it, and you will not go back.

Truly, anything related to pie will attract me, but this one make me obsessed. OMG, I can’t wait.

Once you taste this Texas Pie, You will not able to resist. I think that you will not be able to give anyone the chance to win just minimum a slice.

Perhaps you are not a professional baker, but you can make it yourself. You will not need more than 5 minutes. Although, you’re not from Texas or any near regions, you will prepare this fancy pecan pie like an expert baker.

All you will need is just mixing, pouring the mixture, and baking. Easy steps and you will give yourself the opportunity to taste and enjoy this chocolate pecan pie.

Yes, you will make it from scratch. All you need, continue reading and follow the instructions. Go ahead and play role chef.

For Ingredients And Complete Cooking Instructions, Please Head On Over To Next Page By Clicking On The Button (Next page) on the bottom, and don’t forget to SHARE with your Facebook friends. 
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