TEXAS SHEET CAKE COOKIES – For those of you who’ve tried it, you’ll understand when we say that Texas sheet cake is one of our absolute favorite desserts. For those of you who haven’t come across it yet: prepare yourselves. The traditional chocolate cake is Uber rich and tasty, smothered in an icing that will sweep you off your feet, it’s so good. Given our love for this dessert, it’s no wonder we were inspired enough by it to try to replicate its decadently delicious flavor in the form of…cookies!

These Texas sheet cake cookies are unlike any you’ve had before. They’re rich and chocolate-y, while still being light-as-air, and not too heavy to stop you from enjoying a couple. Then there’s the glaze: it perfectly rounds out the Texas sheet cake flavor and takes the cookie to the next level. These things are ridiculously good – you have to try them and see for yourself!

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