Yard House Jambalaya Recipe

Yard House Jambalaya Recipe

I love Yard House Jambalaya! It’s a delicious and hearty dish that is perfect for any occasion. This dish is a classic Cajun and Creole recipe that is full of bold spices, tender meats, and a symphony of vegetables. It’s a dish that embodies the heart and soul of Southern comfort food.

Jambalaya has a rich history that dates back to the 18th century. It’s a dish that has evolved over time and has become a staple in Southern cuisine. The dish is said to have originated in Louisiana and was created by Spanish, French, and African immigrants who combined their cooking styles to create a unique and flavorful dish.

Making Yard House Jambalaya is easy and fun. The dish requires a few essential ingredients that are easy to find in any grocery store. You can also add your own twist to the recipe by using different meats or vegetables. In this article, I will share with you my recipe for Yard House Jambalaya and provide step-by-step instructions on how to make it.

History of Jambalaya

Jambalaya is a dish that originated in Louisiana, specifically in the French Quarter of New Orleans. It is a dish that has been influenced by several cultures, including Spanish, French, and African. The name “jambalaya” is believed to have originated from the French word “jambon,” which means ham, and “aya,” which means rice in West African languages.

The dish was created as a way to use up leftover meats and vegetables. The original recipe included rice, tomatoes, onions, celery, bell peppers, and meat, which could be chicken, sausage, or ham. Over time, the recipe has evolved, and now jambalaya can be made with seafood, beef, or any combination of meats.

There are two main types of jambalaya: Creole and Cajun. Creole jambalaya includes tomatoes, while Cajun jambalaya does not. The dish is typically served with hot sauce on the side, and it is a staple at many festivals and gatherings in Louisiana.

Jambalaya has become a popular dish in many parts of the world, and there are now many variations of the recipe. At Yard House, we have put our own spin on this classic dish, adding our own blend of spices and ingredients to create a unique and delicious version of jambalaya.

Essential Ingredients for Yard House Jambalaya

When it comes to making a delicious Yard House Jambalaya, there are a few essential ingredients that you can’t skip. Here are some of the key ingredients that you will need:


Yard House Jambalaya typically includes a combination of chicken, sausage, and shrimp. You can use boneless, skinless chicken breasts, andouille sausage, and peeled and deveined shrimp. You can also use other types of protein, such as crawfish or crab, to add more variety to your jambalaya.


The vegetables in Yard House Jambalaya typically include onion, bell pepper, and celery. These three vegetables are also known as the “holy trinity” in Cajun and Creole cuisine. You can also add garlic and tomatoes to your jambalaya for additional flavor.


Long-grain white rice is the most commonly used type of rice in Yard House Jambalaya. You can also use brown rice or another type of rice if you prefer.


Spices are an essential part of Yard House Jambalaya. The most important spice is Cajun seasoning, which typically includes a blend of paprika, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and other spices. You can also add dried thyme, dried oregano, and bay leaves to your jambalaya for additional flavor.


Chicken broth is typically used as the base for Yard House Jambalaya. You can also use vegetable broth or seafood broth if you prefer.

By using these essential ingredients, you can create a delicious and authentic Yard House Jambalaya that is sure to impress your family and friends.

Step by Step Cooking Process

I love making Yard House Jambalaya because it’s a dish that’s full of flavor and can feed a crowd. Here’s my step-by-step process for making this delicious Cajun and Creole-inspired dish:

  1. First, I gather all of my ingredients. For this recipe, I’ll need chicken breast, Andouille sausage, shrimp, onion, garlic, bell pepper, celery, canned tomatoes, chicken broth, rice, and a variety of spices.
  2. I start by cooking the chicken breast in a large Dutch oven or pot over medium heat until it’s browned. Then, I remove the chicken from the pot and set it aside.
  3. Next, I add the sliced Andouille sausage to the pot and cook it until it’s browned. Then, I remove the sausage from the pot and set it aside with the chicken.
  4. In the same pot, I add diced onion, garlic, bell pepper, and celery and cook them until they’re soft and fragrant.
  5. Once the vegetables are cooked, I add canned tomatoes, chicken broth, and a variety of spices, including Cajun seasoning, paprika, thyme, and cayenne pepper. I stir everything together and let it come to a simmer.
  6. Once the mixture is simmering, I add the cooked chicken and sausage back to the pot, along with raw shrimp. I stir everything together and let it cook until the shrimp are pink and cooked through.
  7. While the jambalaya is cooking, I prepare the rice according to the package instructions.
  8. Once the jambalaya is done, I serve it over a bed of rice and garnish it with chopped green onions and parsley.
Yard House Jambalaya

And that’s it! With a little bit of prep work and some patience, you can make a delicious batch of Yard House Jambalaya that’s sure to impress your friends and family.

Serving Suggestions

When it comes to serving Yard House Jambalaya, there are a few different options to consider. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Rice: One of the most common ways to serve jambalaya is over a bed of rice. This helps to soak up all of the delicious flavors and juices from the dish. You can use white rice, brown rice, or even a mixture of both.
  • Bread: Another popular way to serve jambalaya is with a side of bread. This can be anything from a fresh baguette to a slice of cornbread. The bread helps to balance out the spiciness of the dish and makes it more filling.
  • Salad: If you’re looking for a lighter option, consider serving jambalaya with a side salad. This can be a simple green salad or something more complex like a Caesar salad. The fresh greens help to cut through the richness of the dish.
  • Vegetables: To add some extra nutrition to your meal, consider serving jambalaya with a side of vegetables. Some good options include steamed broccoli, roasted Brussels sprouts, or sautéed zucchini.

No matter how you choose to serve Yard House Jambalaya, make sure to have plenty of napkins on hand. This dish can be messy, but it’s always worth it!

Possible Variations of the Recipe

I love experimenting with recipes and adding my own twist to them. Here are some possible variations you can try with the Yard House Jambalaya recipe:

  • Seafood Jambalaya: Instead of using chicken and sausage, you can use a combination of shrimp, crab, and crawfish. This will give the dish a more seafood-forward flavor.
  • Vegetarian Jambalaya: If you’re vegetarian, you can skip the meat and use vegetables like bell peppers, celery, and onions as the base. You can also add some mushrooms, zucchini, and eggplant for more texture and flavor.
  • Spicy Jambalaya: If you like your food spicy, you can add more cayenne pepper or hot sauce to the recipe. You can also use spicy sausage instead of the regular one.
  • Low-Carb Jambalaya: If you’re watching your carb intake, you can skip the rice and use cauliflower rice instead. This will give you the same texture and flavor without the extra carbs.
  • Slow Cooker Jambalaya: If you don’t have time to cook, you can make this recipe in a slow cooker. Just add all the ingredients to the slow cooker and cook on low for 6-8 hours. This will give you a delicious and flavorful jambalaya with minimal effort.

Remember, these are just some ideas to get you started. Feel free to experiment and come up with your own variations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Yard House Jambalaya recipe?

Yard House Jambalaya is a spicy and flavorful dish that combines chicken, Andouille sausage, and shrimp with rice, vegetables, and Cajun seasoning. The dish is a fusion of Creole and Cajun flavors, and it is a signature dish of the Yard House restaurant chain.

What are some Yard House recipes similar to Jambalaya?

If you enjoy Yard House Jambalaya, you might also like the restaurant’s Spicy Jambalaya, which features the same combination of chicken, Andouille sausage, and shrimp, but with a spicier kick. The restaurant also offers a variety of other Cajun and Creole-inspired dishes, such as the Louisiana Fried Chicken and the Gumbo.

What are the calories in Yard House Jambalaya?

The number of calories in Yard House Jambalaya can vary depending on the portion size and ingredients used. However, a standard serving of Yard House Jambalaya contains approximately 1,000 calories, making it a hearty and filling meal.

What is the best jambalaya recipe?

The best jambalaya recipe is a matter of personal taste, but the Yard House Jambalaya recipe is a great place to start. It is a flavorful and satisfying dish that combines the best of Creole and Cajun cuisine. You can also experiment with different ingredients and spice levels to create your own unique twist on the classic recipe.

What are some good sides to serve with jambalaya?

Jambalaya is a filling and flavorful dish that can be served on its own or with a variety of sides. Some popular options include cornbread, collard greens, roasted vegetables, and sweet potato fries. You can also pair jambalaya with a refreshing salad or a cold beer to balance out the spiciness of the dish.

What is the difference between Creole and Cajun jambalaya?

Creole jambalaya typically includes tomatoes, seafood, and a variety of herbs and spices, while Cajun jambalaya is made with Andouille sausage, chicken, and a spicier blend of seasonings. Both versions of the dish are delicious and flavorful, but they have distinct differences in flavor and ingredients.

Yard House Jambalaya Recipe

Difficulty:IntermediatePrep time: 15 minutesCook time: 45 minutesRest time:00 minutesTotal time:1 hour Servings:6 servingsCalories:500 kcal Best Season:Suitable throughout the year


Discover the flavorful essence of New Orleans with our Yard House Jambalaya recipe! A tantalizing blend of chicken, sausage, and shrimp in a Cajun-infused masterpiece.



  1. In a large Dutch oven or pot, brown diced chicken over medium heat. Remove and set aside.
  2. Brown sliced Andouille sausage in the same pot. Remove and set aside with the chicken.
  3. In the same pot, sauté diced onion, garlic, bell pepper, and celery until soft and fragrant.
  4. Add diced tomatoes, chicken broth, Cajun seasoning, paprika, thyme, cayenne pepper, and bay leaves. Stir and let it simmer.
  5. Reintroduce cooked chicken and sausage to the pot, add raw shrimp, and let it cook until shrimp are pink and cooked through.
  6. Meanwhile, prepare rice according to package instructions.
  7. Serve the jambalaya over a bed of rice, garnished with chopped green onions and parsley.
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